Back to the Drawing Board…

Well, the time is finally upon us… That unfortunate hour upon which my trial for Articy:Draft expired. Fortunately, I may, at some point, be able to purchase it with a student discount.

Until then, I’m forced to revert to my old methods of writing things in notebooks and notecards.

Also, with finals approaching in my academic classes, I will have even less time that I can dedicate to my project, but with luck, I should be able to squeeze in a little time to hammer out some of the smaller details. (Unique player skills, I’m looking at you…)


Oversights and Unforeseen Circumstances Lead to Shift in Plans

Given the number of mechanical changes required for my game, I have decided to halt progress of the class expansion.

This is due to the fact that the addition of a new script into the game engine has altered the way experience is handled in some instances. Simply put, this means that the working saves that I, and my playtesters, have may not accurately reflect the way this new script will be assigning experience points to various monsters.

I will be shifting back to story-driving development for the time being. In the event that the classes do need to be expanded, that portion will start anew, and be as a series of small increments as required by the needs of the project itself.

This is all in an effort to write content that be experienced by all players of the game, while still rewarding those work strive for those higher levels, rather than trying to cover a larger level span. (Possibly leading to a great deal of content intended for all players only be accessible by the powergamers.)

Lots of Work Ahead…

Well, after about of week of just plain ‘being busy’, I’ve reached a point where I feel that I can give all of you, my loyal readers, an update.

Lately, I’ve been dragging my feet in my efforts to stretch the current classes from 10 level spans to 20. This was mainly due to the complex nature of how the pre-made are scaled in terms of power and cost.

Unfortunately, this means that there is still a great deal of number-crunching that needs to be done to at least double the number of skills in the database.

My current plan is to make a number of skills, package them, and get them to my playtesters, but I am also open to input from others as well.

Of course, once the skills are done, I will turning my attention to the spells as well.

Although much of my work regarding the details of the story has gone on the back burner, it has not been entirely forgotten, and more story-driven progress will resume upon completion of the major skill/spell revamp.

Some ‘Class’ic Examples

With the upcoming revisions, I figured it would be handy to give a peek into how the class system works, and what each class has to offer.

The class system is currently divided into 3 Tiers, each Tier covering a span of 20 levels. The first Tier covers the 4 basic RPG classes: Wizard, Cleric, Warrior, and Rogue. The second and third Tiers serve as advanced and refined version of the basic classes, each having its own special skills and spells.

Here is an example:

The Wizard has these as a few possible choices for a Tier II class:

Mage (increase spell damage, but reduced maximum Mana)
Warlock (less powerful spells, but more Status-inflicting spells)

If Mage is chosen at level 21, then the following Tier III options become available at level 41:

Evoker (very powerful offensive spells, but much less mana)
Barrier Mage (very powerful defensive spells, but offensive spells are much weaker)

While each class will have its own series of classes to choose from, there will also be some classes that overlap, such as the Paladin and Duelist.

As mentioned before, each class will have its own set of unique skills, such as the following:

Spell Blitz: The caster enters a state that allows the chance to act more than once per round. (Only spells can be used.)

Spear Wall: Increase the user’s Attack and Defense for 5 turns.

Ride-By Attack: Attack an enemy twice. This attack ignores Defense.

So ends my sneak-peek into the class system and some of the skills that will be available to players of my game.
I hope to have the skills revamped, and new skills added shortly, so keep your eyes open for any new updates!