Some ‘Class’ic Examples

With the upcoming revisions, I figured it would be handy to give a peek into how the class system works, and what each class has to offer.

The class system is currently divided into 3 Tiers, each Tier covering a span of 20 levels. The first Tier covers the 4 basic RPG classes: Wizard, Cleric, Warrior, and Rogue. The second and third Tiers serve as advanced and refined version of the basic classes, each having its own special skills and spells.

Here is an example:

The Wizard has these as a few possible choices for a Tier II class:

Mage (increase spell damage, but reduced maximum Mana)
Warlock (less powerful spells, but more Status-inflicting spells)

If Mage is chosen at level 21, then the following Tier III options become available at level 41:

Evoker (very powerful offensive spells, but much less mana)
Barrier Mage (very powerful defensive spells, but offensive spells are much weaker)

While each class will have its own series of classes to choose from, there will also be some classes that overlap, such as the Paladin and Duelist.

As mentioned before, each class will have its own set of unique skills, such as the following:

Spell Blitz: The caster enters a state that allows the chance to act more than once per round. (Only spells can be used.)

Spear Wall: Increase the user’s Attack and Defense for 5 turns.

Ride-By Attack: Attack an enemy twice. This attack ignores Defense.

So ends my sneak-peek into the class system and some of the skills that will be available to players of my game.
I hope to have the skills revamped, and new skills added shortly, so keep your eyes open for any new updates!


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