Lots of Work Ahead…

Well, after about of week of just plain ‘being busy’, I’ve reached a point where I feel that I can give all of you, my loyal readers, an update.

Lately, I’ve been dragging my feet in my efforts to stretch the current classes from 10 level spans to 20. This was mainly due to the complex nature of how the pre-made are scaled in terms of power and cost.

Unfortunately, this means that there is still a great deal of number-crunching that needs to be done to at least double the number of skills in the database.

My current plan is to make a number of skills, package them, and get them to my playtesters, but I am also open to input from others as well.

Of course, once the skills are done, I will turning my attention to the spells as well.

Although much of my work regarding the details of the story has gone on the back burner, it has not been entirely forgotten, and more story-driven progress will resume upon completion of the major skill/spell revamp.


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