Oversights and Unforeseen Circumstances Lead to Shift in Plans

Given the number of mechanical changes required for my game, I have decided to halt progress of the class expansion.

This is due to the fact that the addition of a new script into the game engine has altered the way experience is handled in some instances. Simply put, this means that the working saves that I, and my playtesters, have may not accurately reflect the way this new script will be assigning experience points to various monsters.

I will be shifting back to story-driving development for the time being. In the event that the classes do need to be expanded, that portion will start anew, and be as a series of small increments as required by the needs of the project itself.

This is all in an effort to write content that be experienced by all players of the game, while still rewarding those work strive for those higher levels, rather than trying to cover a larger level span. (Possibly leading to a great deal of content intended for all players only be accessible by the powergamers.)


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