A Quick Thank You

As progress has been a bit slow, I figured I would take some time to thank a number of scripters whose scripts I am using in my game.

These folks put a lot of time and effort into makes these scripts (and more).
Be sure to check out their pages and see their fine work.

Archeia Nessiah

  • Manashield

Galv’s Scripts

  • Vehicle On/Off Locations

Hime Works

  • Data Patcher
  • Shop Manager
  • Common Event Shop
  • Class Changer
  • Large Choices
    • Choice Options
  • Cover Conditions
    • Cover Targets
  • Random Event Positions
  • Effect Manager
    • Reflect Damage
  • Page Conditions


  • Grathnode Install
  • EXP Decay
  • Conditioned Traits


  • Backup Script


  • Yanfly Game Engine
  • Extra Parameters
  • Party System
  • Ace Battle Engine
  • Enemy HP Bars
  • Death Common Events
  • Lunatic Damage
    • Critcal Package
    • Power Package
    • Gemini Package
  • Lunatic Objects
    • Destruction Package
    • Give & Take Package
    • Recoil Package
  • Lunatic Parameters
    • Empower Package
  • Lunatic States
    • Punishment Package
    • Protection Package
  • Lunatic Targets
    • Conditions Package
  • Victory Aftermath
  • Enemy Levels
    • Doppelgangers
  • Follow-Up Skills
  • Instant Cast
  • Passive States
  • Random Skill Invoke
  • Skill Cost Manager
  • Skill Restrictions
  • Target Manager
  • Event Chase Player
  • Event Window
  • Move Restrict Region
  • Item Menu
  • Menu Engine
    • Party Sized Menu
  • Save Engine
    • New Game +
  • Shop Options
  • Status Menu
  • Debug Extension

Again, a huge “Thank You!” to these scripters, I doubt my vision would ever be able to be possible without your work.


Brace Yourself, Summer is Coming!

It is finally time for the summer! My classes are over, I’ve moved into my new room, and the search for a summer job is underway.

With luck, I will have a fair amount of time to dedicate to my game (specifically, preparing the first ‘chapter’ for proper playtesting). Upon completion of this first installment, my current playtesting team will be notified, and a more formal request for more volunteers will be made.

Getting to the End…

Well, a hectic semester is coming to a close. That means, with luck, I will have more time to dedicate to working on my game.

After the current revisions, the main story stands at about 50% completed, with implementing slated to begin shortly

As for side quests, those are still in early development stages, and will receive more focus upon completion of the main story.

Once the revised game is at a suitable level (likely 25% of the main story), I will be enlisting the assistance of my various playtesters, and may be looking for more.

If you are interested in playtesting for me, please be aware of the following criteria:

1. Must be able to run .exe files. (Sorry MAC users.)

2. Access to Google Drive, for file distribution.

Below is a form that you may use to contact me if you are interested in serving as a playtester for my project.