Getting to the End…

Well, a hectic semester is coming to a close. That means, with luck, I will have more time to dedicate to working on my game.

After the current revisions, the main story stands at about 50% completed, with implementing slated to begin shortly

As for side quests, those are still in early development stages, and will receive more focus upon completion of the main story.

Once the revised game is at a suitable level (likely 25% of the main story), I will be enlisting the assistance of my various playtesters, and may be looking for more.

If you are interested in playtesting for me, please be aware of the following criteria:

1. Must be able to run .exe files. (Sorry MAC users.)

2. Access to Google Drive, for file distribution.

Below is a form that you may use to contact me if you are interested in serving as a playtester for my project.


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