A Quick Thank You

As progress has been a bit slow, I figured I would take some time to thank a number of scripters whose scripts I am using in my game.

These folks put a lot of time and effort into makes these scripts (and more).
Be sure to check out their pages and see their fine work.

Archeia Nessiah

  • Manashield

Galv’s Scripts

  • Vehicle On/Off Locations

Hime Works

  • Data Patcher
  • Shop Manager
  • Common Event Shop
  • Class Changer
  • Large Choices
    • Choice Options
  • Cover Conditions
    • Cover Targets
  • Random Event Positions
  • Effect Manager
    • Reflect Damage
  • Page Conditions


  • Grathnode Install
  • EXP Decay
  • Conditioned Traits


  • Backup Script


  • Yanfly Game Engine
  • Extra Parameters
  • Party System
  • Ace Battle Engine
  • Enemy HP Bars
  • Death Common Events
  • Lunatic Damage
    • Critcal Package
    • Power Package
    • Gemini Package
  • Lunatic Objects
    • Destruction Package
    • Give & Take Package
    • Recoil Package
  • Lunatic Parameters
    • Empower Package
  • Lunatic States
    • Punishment Package
    • Protection Package
  • Lunatic Targets
    • Conditions Package
  • Victory Aftermath
  • Enemy Levels
    • Doppelgangers
  • Follow-Up Skills
  • Instant Cast
  • Passive States
  • Random Skill Invoke
  • Skill Cost Manager
  • Skill Restrictions
  • Target Manager
  • Event Chase Player
  • Event Window
  • Move Restrict Region
  • Item Menu
  • Menu Engine
    • Party Sized Menu
  • Save Engine
    • New Game +
  • Shop Options
  • Status Menu
  • Debug Extension

Again, a huge “Thank You!” to these scripters, I doubt my vision would ever be able to be possible without your work.


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