Meet the Cast

As I continue working on the subtle nuances of the cast of characters, I figure it would be appropriate to introduce the cast of playable characters.

Each class is represented by 2 characters, allowing for options when choosing advanced classes and building a team. (Ryan will always be in the party.)


Ryan: The son of a soldier, he was trained the art of combat from a young age. He is always eager to learn new fighting techniques.

Mordrek: The king of a mountain-dwelling people. He rules over his people sternly, but fairly. He often takes journeys in the name of diplomacy.


Silvia: Orphaned at a young age, she was raised by a merchant caravan. She was trained by the Thieves’ Guild to be a protector of her adopted family.

Denahl: The former head of the Thieves’ Guild. He lost control of the Guild when a long-time partner challenged him to a duel, taking his eye. To this day, he has not given up his quest for revenge.


Beatrice: A young wizard, Beatrice has shown great natural talent for magic. She has often been approached by the Guild of Mages with offers of membership, but she always turns them down, preferring to study magic on her own terms.

Cyrus: A former member of the Guild of Mages, expelled for studying dark magic. He is on a quest to become the most powerful wizard ever, and will do whatever it takes to reach his goal.


Lyra: A loyal servant of the god Ilaed. Slain during a holy quest, her body was restored to life by the power of Ilaed. She uses her newfound life to continue spreading the message of Ilaed, and helping the less fortunate.

Ernest: A young cleric that grew up in the church of Ilaed. He also serves and studies under Lyra, following her guidance, and that of the church, without question.


“Passive”-ly Working…

Had a long car ride yesterday, and I had some time to think about my game. The way the classes are set up, there’s some variation in the stats, but still a bit of similarity. To combat this, I’ve returned to an old idea of having each playable character (Actor) have minor bonuses/penalties to various stats. By doing this, 2 Paladin Actors will still have slightly different stats, even if they both started as Warriors.

Along with this comes the idea of each Actor having a unique passive ability. This will range from things like a chance to withstand a lethal hit, or inflicting states like Burning when struck in battle.

Hopefully these will not become too difficult to implement, as one particular passive ability is proving to be. (Gotta keep some secrets to myself…)

The Work Finished Today

So, I actually managed to get some work done today, despite many hours without any sort of motivation/inspiration.

Most of the work was technical things regarding the multitude of classes available. This eventually led me to a thought that I hadn’t before.

The way the class system works in my game is as follows: Upon reaching a ‘milestone’ level, a reminder would pop up, informing you that the next tier of classes is available for that character (provided you have gone through the other steps to unlock higher tier classes).
You would then need to travel to whichever trainer teaches the class you would like to learn and pay any training fee. After that, the character in question would be marked as the new class and given their first class skill.

Thinking through that system gave me an idea for an incentive to learn a higher tier class (or a challenge to those seeking one): Reduce EXP (and possibly GP) gains. The system will start with making all EXP gains 0 for any character in need of training, until they seek a trainer to teach them, of lift the penalty (for a fee).

Odds are it will stay like this until serious playtesting, and will shift as need be to suit game balance and playability.

Hooray for productivity!

And We’re Back!

Well, after a bit of work planning out some of the various revisions and establishing better back up protocols, I have begun my project yet again!

The timetable for getting a new alpha (beta, whatever you want to call it) out to my testers is still uncertain, but with luck, it will be available sooner than later.

Here’s hoping…

The Reconstruction

As you all well know from my previous post, I have been forced to scrap the current iteration of my RPG. While this was an unfortunate event, it has allowed me to rework many aspects of my game that would have been difficult to change in my project as it stood (some story elements, gameplay mechanics, etc.) It is unknown when I will be able to post a new Alpha version for my testers, but they will be kept up-to-date on that as things develop.

Some revisions:

  • Reworked class stats/skills
  • Expanded storyline
  • Revamped class training
  • New monster stat calculation

This is only part of a large, and growing list of changes that I plan to work into the new version of my RPG. With these changes, I hope to provide a more dynamic and interesting game.