The Work Finished Today

So, I actually managed to get some work done today, despite many hours without any sort of motivation/inspiration.

Most of the work was technical things regarding the multitude of classes available. This eventually led me to a thought that I hadn’t before.

The way the class system works in my game is as follows: Upon reaching a ‘milestone’ level, a reminder would pop up, informing you that the next tier of classes is available for that character (provided you have gone through the other steps to unlock higher tier classes).
You would then need to travel to whichever trainer teaches the class you would like to learn and pay any training fee. After that, the character in question would be marked as the new class and given their first class skill.

Thinking through that system gave me an idea for an incentive to learn a higher tier class (or a challenge to those seeking one): Reduce EXP (and possibly GP) gains. The system will start with making all EXP gains 0 for any character in need of training, until they seek a trainer to teach them, of lift the penalty (for a fee).

Odds are it will stay like this until serious playtesting, and will shift as need be to suit game balance and playability.

Hooray for productivity!


One comment on “The Work Finished Today

  1. PandaPants says:

    Teroh I am really excited to hear about this! I look upon a day when I am once again playtesting this bad boy and regaining a few smiles. Keep up the productivity my friend, you have folks waiting to pounce upon your work.

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