Classes: How Do They Work?

Having made a small number of posts about how different classes work, I realize that how one goes from class to class is a bit unclear. This post should make things a bit clearer for everyone. The progression from Warrior to Dragoon will serve as an example.

Class Level Progression: The current class system has each tier spanning 10 levels.
(1-10 for Warrior, Spearman 11-20, and Dragoon 21-30)
When a character reaches a level benchmark (10 or 20). A notification will occur, informing the player that a character is ready to be trained in a new class. At this point, a class trainer needs to be found and spoken with. Also, any further EXP gains will be reduced to 0 for that character.

Qualifying for a Class: Unlocking a more advanced class will be a function of finding a class trainer for the class you want unlocked, and performing a task for them. There are no other requirements than that.

Hybrid Classes: Hybrid classes, such as the Paladin, will not require a certain number of levels in both related classes in the lower tier. Warriors and Clerics will each have their own version of the Paladin that will be assigned.

Training: Upon speaking with a class trainer, you are given options for which class to train in. Each trainer will have a set list of classes that they can train. This decision is currently irreversible, but that may change in the future.

New Skills/Spells: Once the new class has been assigned, EXP gains will return to normal. Upon reaching level 11, the first skill/spell for the new class will be granted.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to use the form below, and I will respond as soon as I can.


Stances and Raging and Jumping! Oh My!

Time for a not-so Class Spotlight. This time, it’s all about skills, and not just any skills, but a category of state-based skills.

“State-based skills? Like ‘Idaho Potato Barrage’ or ‘New York Traffic Jammer’?” Not quite, but rather skills that are only available when a certain status effect (state) is active.

As it stands right now, there are currently 2 state-based skill categories, with a third tentatively planned. They are the following*:

Category (Class)
Stance (Duelist)

    Flawless Parry
    Graceful Lunge

Rage (Barbarians)

    Axe Toss
    Cleaving Strikes

Jump (Dragoon) [Tentative]

    Leap Attack
    Death From Above

These states will not only serve as the sole method to access special class skills, but will also provide bonuses/penalties of their own. (i.e. Massive ATK boosts/DEF penalties for the Rage state)

As it stands right now, only Rogues and Warriors have access to state-based classes. Whether or not this will change is yet to be seen, as given each Tier 1 class this option at some point would be ideal.

*-some skill names are works in progress and do not reflect a finished product

Special Class Spotlight: Dragoon

Today, I bring you a special Class Spotlight. This Spotlight is dedicated to one of my fans who was able to infer the existence of this class. So here ya go, the class you’ve been waiting for… THE DRAGOON!

Dragoon Spotlight

If the Spearman is a combination of support and risky gameplay, the Dragoon takes the risk to a whole new level. The Dragoon represents the mastery of the spear as a purely offensive weapon, and a complete disregard for caution or safety.

By choosing Dragoon as a Tier 3 class for a character, major Defense penalties are assessed, but with suitable Attack bonuses. Along with radical stat adjustments, the Dragoon also features the stereotypical Leap Attack. (Most well known from the Final Fantasy franchise)

The Leap attack, like in many other games, will remove the Dragoon from battle for one turn, the Dragoon then returns during the next turn with an attack. This attack will feature a low chance to hit and a wide variance (a range of percentages by which the damage formula can vary, with Variance=20 being standard). Like the Spearman’s Dire Pierce, Leap has the chance to be a devastating attack, but also the chance to end up falling flat.

This class is not meant for those who want to play it safe. This class is designed for those who want a challenge, who want to have their success hinge on one lucky hit. As such, there is the possibility of adding some items to make the Dragoon more accessible for more casual players, such as increasing Critical Hit chance, helping to offset the low Hit Rate for skills. (Perhaps a special line of ‘Safety Spears’?)

That ends this special look at the Dragoon.

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Easter Eggs!

As one who plays a number of games in their spare time, I am often inclined to add various easter eggs. Most of these happen on purpose, and often relate to whatever game has my interest at the time, but some special easter eggs happen purely by accident, such as the one below.


For the uninitiated, this item is a reference to the browser-based Kingdom of Loathing. (Go on, give it a shot, I’ll wait right here.) In The Kingdom of Loathing (KoL), any instance of the number 11 is followed by the phrase “That’s ridiculous. It’s not even funny.”, and the goal of the main quest is to save King Ralph.

This particular easter egg came about as a result of trying to balance the main-gauche item type against current shields. I wanted a lower DEF value than the weakest shield, to correspond with the ATK bonus, the curve I started with led me to assign a DEF value of 11 to the item. Being an avid fan of KoL, this number set off an alarm of sorts in my mind, signaling the potential for an easter egg, which I swiftly pursued.

While many easter eggs are obvious in their nature, I took a more subtle approach to this one, leaving hints for those who know what to look for. Other easter eggs in the future may be a bit more blunt, such as a certain number of planned cameos, or go down the gently nudging road, it all depends on what strikes my fancy that day.

Got Me a Twitter (and More Fun News)

Hey folks, want to keep up with my blog, but don’t want to get a WordPress account or sign up with your email address? You can now follow me on Twitter @GameMakerE!

Also, you can catch me as a special guest on Radio KoL, with DJ Casey Weederman, this Saturday Nov. 23 at 9pm EST. We will be discussing my game and having a grand ol’ time, so tune in. (A recording will hopefully be taken and made available.)

Class Spotlight: Spearman

Time for another Class Spotlight, today’s special feature is the Spearman!

Spearman Spotlight

The Spearman is a Tier 2 option for Warrior characters, but with a vastly different combat-feel than the Paladin.

The idea for the Spearman came about as an effort to design classes that reflected their weapon specialization. The Spearman forgoes the use of shields and other weapons, in favor of the much riskier spear.

The Spearman, unlike the defensive Paladin, takes a more active role in combat. With skills like ‘Armor Pierce’, the Spearman can cripple enemies, leaving them open to attacks from allies. The Spearman also features high-risk/high-reward abilities, such as ‘Dire Pierce’, which can turn the tide of battle in an instant.

While vastly different, the consistent Paladin and the risky Spearman are the only Tier 2 classes that have a common Tier 3 option, as seen below.

Spearman-Paladin Feature

What class will this mysterious hybrid be? That’s for me to know, and you to find out in a future Class Spotlight!

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Class Spotlight: Paladin

Welcome to the first Class Spotlight! This will give you a chance to see what goes into the design for some of the many classes available in my game.

This Spotlight features the Paladin, a second tier class.

Spotlight Paladin

The Paladin, as shown in the chart above, is a class available to both Clerics and Warriors as an option for a Tier 2 class. The idea for the Paladin comes from the Holy Warrior archetype present in many RPG’s, and often using the name Paladin as well.

This holy warrior of the god Ilaed combines the combat prowess of the Warrior with the Holy-type magic of the Cleric.

While not as strong as either the Warrior or the Cleric, the Paladin brings a more defensive style of combat to the table. Part of this will be in the ability to protect allies who are running low on HP, buying some time to drink a potion, or cast a healing spell.

Paladins will have special shields that only they will be able to equip, granting them higher defensive bonuses than normal shields, but hindering their ability to attack effectively.

All of this together creates a bit of a twist on the standard “Keep pressing the ‘Attack’ button” playstyle, and allows more ‘direct combat’-focused players other options to supplement their standard gameplay.

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