Class Spotlight: Paladin

Welcome to the first Class Spotlight! This will give you a chance to see what goes into the design for some of the many classes available in my game.

This Spotlight features the Paladin, a second tier class.

Spotlight Paladin

The Paladin, as shown in the chart above, is a class available to both Clerics and Warriors as an option for a Tier 2 class. The idea for the Paladin comes from the Holy Warrior archetype present in many RPG’s, and often using the name Paladin as well.

This holy warrior of the god Ilaed combines the combat prowess of the Warrior with the Holy-type magic of the Cleric.

While not as strong as either the Warrior or the Cleric, the Paladin brings a more defensive style of combat to the table. Part of this will be in the ability to protect allies who are running low on HP, buying some time to drink a potion, or cast a healing spell.

Paladins will have special shields that only they will be able to equip, granting them higher defensive bonuses than normal shields, but hindering their ability to attack effectively.

All of this together creates a bit of a twist on the standard “Keep pressing the ‘Attack’ button” playstyle, and allows more ‘direct combat’-focused players other options to supplement their standard gameplay.

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