Class Spotlight: Spearman

Time for another Class Spotlight, today’s special feature is the Spearman!

Spearman Spotlight

The Spearman is a Tier 2 option for Warrior characters, but with a vastly different combat-feel than the Paladin.

The idea for the Spearman came about as an effort to design classes that reflected their weapon specialization. The Spearman forgoes the use of shields and other weapons, in favor of the much riskier spear.

The Spearman, unlike the defensive Paladin, takes a more active role in combat. With skills like ‘Armor Pierce’, the Spearman can cripple enemies, leaving them open to attacks from allies. The Spearman also features high-risk/high-reward abilities, such as ‘Dire Pierce’, which can turn the tide of battle in an instant.

While vastly different, the consistent Paladin and the risky Spearman are the only Tier 2 classes that have a common Tier 3 option, as seen below.

Spearman-Paladin Feature

What class will this mysterious hybrid be? That’s for me to know, and you to find out in a future Class Spotlight!

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