Easter Eggs!

As one who plays a number of games in their spare time, I am often inclined to add various easter eggs. Most of these happen on purpose, and often relate to whatever game has my interest at the time, but some special easter eggs happen purely by accident, such as the one below.


For the uninitiated, this item is a reference to the browser-based Kingdom of Loathing. (Go on, give it a shot, I’ll wait right here.) In The Kingdom of Loathing (KoL), any instance of the number 11 is followed by the phrase “That’s ridiculous. It’s not even funny.”, and the goal of the main quest is to save King Ralph.

This particular easter egg came about as a result of trying to balance the main-gauche item type against current shields. I wanted a lower DEF value than the weakest shield, to correspond with the ATK bonus, the curve I started with led me to assign a DEF value of 11 to the item. Being an avid fan of KoL, this number set off an alarm of sorts in my mind, signaling the potential for an easter egg, which I swiftly pursued.

While many easter eggs are obvious in their nature, I took a more subtle approach to this one, leaving hints for those who know what to look for. Other easter eggs in the future may be a bit more blunt, such as a certain number of planned cameos, or go down the gently nudging road, it all depends on what strikes my fancy that day.


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