Stances and Raging and Jumping! Oh My!

Time for a not-so Class Spotlight. This time, it’s all about skills, and not just any skills, but a category of state-based skills.

“State-based skills? Like ‘Idaho Potato Barrage’ or ‘New York Traffic Jammer’?” Not quite, but rather skills that are only available when a certain status effect (state) is active.

As it stands right now, there are currently 2 state-based skill categories, with a third tentatively planned. They are the following*:

Category (Class)
Stance (Duelist)

    Flawless Parry
    Graceful Lunge

Rage (Barbarians)

    Axe Toss
    Cleaving Strikes

Jump (Dragoon) [Tentative]

    Leap Attack
    Death From Above

These states will not only serve as the sole method to access special class skills, but will also provide bonuses/penalties of their own. (i.e. Massive ATK boosts/DEF penalties for the Rage state)

As it stands right now, only Rogues and Warriors have access to state-based classes. Whether or not this will change is yet to be seen, as given each Tier 1 class this option at some point would be ideal.

*-some skill names are works in progress and do not reflect a finished product


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