Happy holidays!

Now is (hopefully) the time to spend with friends, family, and/or loved ones. As well as sharing gifts and good food.

I was planning on a special bit of content for my beta testers, along with getting a new version out to them by today. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.
The Grinch that is my job got the better of me and my time. In the coming week, I hope to get this holiday content for my game out to those who are anxiously awaiting it.

In the meantime, please, please, please check out The Kingdom of Loathing. It’s a wonderful browser-based game, full of wonderful jokes and pop culture references. I am even so lucky as to have its creator as part of my beta team.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday season!


Make ALL The Skills!

In keeping with my more technical progress, I have been spending a bit of my working time on developing the skills for each of the classes for my game. During this work, I came to a bit of an impasse, do I make a separate skillset for each entry option for hybrid classes (such as the Paladin?), or do I go with one set per class name?

Either option certainly has its own set of pros and cons. The biggest issue is of work vs. variety, do I spend a great deal of time making a larger volume of skills, or do I keep it simpler and give all classes of the same name the same skills? In the end, I opted for the simpler approach, making fewer skills and using the spell list for the classes that have one as the diverse element.

Here’s a look at some skills:

Spell Blitz: Increases the spells you can cast per turn. (Chance decreases as more spells are cast in a turn.)

Assassinate: Deals defense-ignoring damage to one enemy. Damage increases the lower the target’s HP is.

5 Shots or 6: Fires 5 or 6 shots at a target. The 6th shot has an increased chance to be a critical hit.

Ironclad Focus: Greatly increases Attack and Defense.

Once I’ve got all the skills in the database, I can get back to designing dungeons and quests. Stay tuned for future updates.

“Make It Like an Old NES Box!” They Said…

A good friend of mine has gone so far as to ask for a brief synopsis for my game (something I actually have yet to really post about). He said to me “Think like the description on the back of an old NES box.” So here I am, staring at the back of Dragon Warrior’s box, trying to my best to live up to the paradigm set forth by this highly revered RPG classic.

Embark on a quest to save the land from the New Age of Darkness!

The land has fallen on dark times. The Cult of Darkness seeks to open a gateway to summon their demonic master!

Take the role of Ryan, descendant of the powerful Geomancers, masters of elemental magic. Steel your nerves, and prepare yourself for a journey like never before!

Scour the land in search of allies. Every ally you find will add their own powerful abilities to aid in your quest. Crawl through unique dungeons, filled with horrible monsters and valuable treasures!

Be careful, as the Cult’s greatest general, Zelf, will try to stop you at every turn. Stop him and the Cult of Darkness, and destroy their demonic master once and for all!

Over 40 classes and hundreds of spells and skills to try. Make each character your own! Craft unique items that can change how your skills work. Add powerful fire damage, or a chance to freeze your foes in ice!

Embrace your past, master your destiny, and save the land from eternal darkness!

I think I did a decent job.

Class Spotlight: Barrier Mage

Waiting for some video-editing software to update? That means that it’s time for a new Class Spotlight! Today I bring you the Barrier Mage, a Tier 3 option for Wizards.
Barrier Mage Spotlight

As you may have guessed, the Barrier Mage is a defense-focus class option. This class will boast the most potent defensive spells in the game, capable of reducing all but the most powerful attacks down to a mere fraction.

The idea for the Barrier Mage came about while working on another Tier 3 Wizard class. This other class was focused to utter destruction, using powerful versions of standard spells like Fireball. To have such a powerful destructive force warranted an equally potent defensive option. So the Barrier Mage was born!

These two classes also originally shared the same Tier 2 class, giving players of that class the option for all-out attack or defense. This was changed recently to better reflect each class rather than having the Barrier Mage hindered by a less-than-ideal Tier 2 stat progression.

In terms of raw stats, the Barrier Mage is still more fragile than would might expect. With a DEF stat nearly half of any Warrior class option, the Barrier Mage has a lot of ground to make up. To do this, the Barrier Mage has greater damage reduction while Guarding.

The bag of tricks doesn’t end there, while spells increasing party defenses are this class’ mainstay, the Barrier Mage will also have some abilities similar to the Paladin, allowing one to make the most of those defenses in battle.

I hope you enjoyed this Class Spotlight on the Barrier Mage. It’s now time for me to get back to cutting together some gameplay footage. Stay tuned!

And as always, you can check out other Class Spotlights here.

Twisting the Curves

First off, I should apologize for a general lack of updates. There seems to be this thing called the ‘real world’ that insists on placing itself before everything else.

Now that I’ve had some time to look over my notes (Evernote, you are wonderful), I’ve noticed that a number of classes don’t have stat curves in-line with the direction that I want certain classes to go. One of these is an increase in the the Attack stat when going from Cleric or Warrior to Paladin. For those of you who may be familiar with my vision for the Paladin (you can also check out this post), you would know that the Paladin is intended to be a defensive class option. Something that an Attack increase doesn’t match up with. Because of this, I am forced to go through, and figure out improved stat curves for each class.

The next few days should be filled with stat-adjusting, skill modifications, and getting the gameplay footage ready. Here’s hoping the ‘To-Do’ list becomes a ‘To-Done’ list in very short order.