“Make It Like an Old NES Box!” They Said…

A good friend of mine has gone so far as to ask for a brief synopsis for my game (something I actually have yet to really post about). He said to me “Think like the description on the back of an old NES box.” So here I am, staring at the back of Dragon Warrior’s box, trying to my best to live up to the paradigm set forth by this highly revered RPG classic.

Embark on a quest to save the land from the New Age of Darkness!

The land has fallen on dark times. The Cult of Darkness seeks to open a gateway to summon their demonic master!

Take the role of Ryan, descendant of the powerful Geomancers, masters of elemental magic. Steel your nerves, and prepare yourself for a journey like never before!

Scour the land in search of allies. Every ally you find will add their own powerful abilities to aid in your quest. Crawl through unique dungeons, filled with horrible monsters and valuable treasures!

Be careful, as the Cult’s greatest general, Zelf, will try to stop you at every turn. Stop him and the Cult of Darkness, and destroy their demonic master once and for all!

Over 40 classes and hundreds of spells and skills to try. Make each character your own! Craft unique items that can change how your skills work. Add powerful fire damage, or a chance to freeze your foes in ice!

Embrace your past, master your destiny, and save the land from eternal darkness!

I think I did a decent job.


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