Make ALL The Skills!

In keeping with my more technical progress, I have been spending a bit of my working time on developing the skills for each of the classes for my game. During this work, I came to a bit of an impasse, do I make a separate skillset for each entry option for hybrid classes (such as the Paladin?), or do I go with one set per class name?

Either option certainly has its own set of pros and cons. The biggest issue is of work vs. variety, do I spend a great deal of time making a larger volume of skills, or do I keep it simpler and give all classes of the same name the same skills? In the end, I opted for the simpler approach, making fewer skills and using the spell list for the classes that have one as the diverse element.

Here’s a look at some skills:

Spell Blitz: Increases the spells you can cast per turn. (Chance decreases as more spells are cast in a turn.)

Assassinate: Deals defense-ignoring damage to one enemy. Damage increases the lower the target’s HP is.

5 Shots or 6: Fires 5 or 6 shots at a target. The 6th shot has an increased chance to be a critical hit.

Ironclad Focus: Greatly increases Attack and Defense.

Once I’ve got all the skills in the database, I can get back to designing dungeons and quests. Stay tuned for future updates.


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