Time for Some Holiday Fun (Albeit a Tad Late…)

After quite some time being sick, tired, and just plain unmotivated, I’ve managed to finally put together the special holiday content for my beta testers. Along with that, I’ve also finished the first quest for the Adventurers’ Guild! (Hooray progress!)

I will be sending out this new beta to my testers later today. I will also be looking into better ways to update the beta version, rather than always packing a new .EXE file. I know that some RPG Maker users have developed a patching script, and I may be able to make use of that and/or a patch installer. The installer would allow my testers to update versions other than the next-to-newest without missing critical files.

These methods for keeping the betas updated both have their own set of pros/cons to consider, so a decision may be made much farther down the line.

For now, it’s time for my beta testers to enjoy a brand new round of testing, with some fun surprises in store.


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