Where Have I Been?

“Where have you been?” I imagine that is a question some of you might be asking, and today, I plan to address that. The short and sweet of it is a combination of busyness and a sort of laziness.

The busyness aspect is rather self-explanatory, between my jobs, taking lessons (to be explained shortly), and life in general, it’s a little tricky finding a good, long stretch of time to dedicate to my game *and* my blog.

The laziness stems from being tired on a regular basis (see: jobs) and not always being able to force myself to sit down and work (especially when inspiration is fleeting).

So now, you may be asking yourself, “Where is the project sitting right now?” Well, with the first dungeon being essentially complete, there’s the waiting on feedback from playtesters. Once that comes in, there is the task of addressing their thoughts, comments, and concerns. During this time, a bit of stagnation has occurred. I have reached a crossroads that will determine in which direction the main (and currently only) crafting system will be handled.

My options are as follows: eventing or scripting. I already have a rough idea of how the system will run if I event it, but with eventing it, there is a bit of redundancy. If I were to script it, using RGSS3, RPG Maker VX Ace’s scripting engine and Ruby variant, there is finer control over how the system runs. The issue with scripting is that I have no idea how to take my ideas from the eventing “proof of concept” to a finished RGSS3 script. Luckily, I’ve been taking Ruby lessons on Codeacademy, which have been helping me form my script, but I still have a long way to go…

Until I’ve got more of substance to post about, I will try to post new Class Spotlights more regularly. For now, it’s back to the grindstone…