Cuttin’ the Fluff

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Real life, and a number of other things have kept me from getting much work done on this project, so an update is in order!

1. There has/will be a major storyline overhaul to address a number of nasty plotholes.
2. Said overhaul has been due to a collaborator joining in.
3. The class system will be going on a weight-loss program to rid itself of excess fluff.

The class system will be reduced to a simpler 14-class system, featuring the option to ‘equip’ a secondary class. As the primary and secondary classes gain levels, new options will become available. This new class system will allow for more freedom and chances to experiment with different combinations. Don’t like being a Barbarian? Fine, change your class to Soldier, or maybe a embarking on the path of a Paladin is more your style.

More details will be available as they materialize.