Beta is Out!

A few days ago, I was finally able to release the second iteration of the Beta for my RPG (I really should get a title for it, shouldn’t I?). I have already started to receive feedback for a number of my Beta testers. There’s finally a strong feeling of progress, and I feel like this project finally has some traction. Here’s hoping it keeps up!

Remember: Keep your eyes open for your chance to get in on either the Beta, or even hang out with me and watch me work during an live Q&A session.


And Off It Goes!

I’ve finally made it to where I’ve wanted to be for a little while now. The rewrite is finally finished! I’ve got it all packaged and being sent to my playtesters as I type this.

It’s a good feeling knowing that I can finally continue with development again, rather than just trying to polish what has been already put in place.