Take a Note in Your Handy, Dandy…Journal?!

After a few days of beta testing, a number of things have come to my attention.
1. There are a number of bugs that have been addressed (and certainly more to follow)
2. There is a lack of any sort of quest log.

Having already addressed the major bugs, I have begun to turn my attention to the quest log. The current plan is to divide it into ‘chapters’ based on the main dungeon at that point in the game. There will also be a separate chapter for guild quests. This guild chapter will keep track of any guild quests, as well as your reputation.

The idea of allowing user input is currently on the table, but the execution of that might be a little more involved than would be viable at this point in time.


Got Me a Twitter (and More Fun News)

Hey folks, want to keep up with my blog, but don’t want to get a WordPress account or sign up with your email address? You can now follow me on Twitter @GameMakerE!

Also, you can catch me as a special guest on Radio KoL, with DJ Casey Weederman, this Saturday Nov. 23 at 9pm EST. We will be discussing my game and having a grand ol’ time, so tune in. (A recording will hopefully be taken and made available.)

And We’re Back!

Well, after a bit of work planning out some of the various revisions and establishing better back up protocols, I have begun my project yet again!

The timetable for getting a new alpha (beta, whatever you want to call it) out to my testers is still uncertain, but with luck, it will be available sooner than later.

Here’s hoping…

The Reconstruction

As you all well know from my previous post, I have been forced to scrap the current iteration of my RPG. While this was an unfortunate event, it has allowed me to rework many aspects of my game that would have been difficult to change in my project as it stood (some story elements, gameplay mechanics, etc.) It is unknown when I will be able to post a new Alpha version for my testers, but they will be kept up-to-date on that as things develop.

Some revisions:

  • Reworked class stats/skills
  • Expanded storyline
  • Revamped class training
  • New monster stat calculation

This is only part of a large, and growing list of changes that I plan to work into the new version of my RPG. With these changes, I hope to provide a more dynamic and interesting game.


So, my plan for today was to put my nose to the grindstone, and really work on hammering out some new content for my beta testers (although, they seem to be more like alpha testers, but that’s not the point). As I proceeded to boot up RPG Maker, I received a simple error message, but one I knew how to work around.

After implementing said work around, I tried booting RPG Maker a second time, only to be greeted by another error message. So, I did what anyone would do, look up a solution. Much to my dismay, there was no slick workaround for this error, which resulted in me losing a significant chunk of data. Because of this, and a few other circumstances, I will be forced into another rewriting phase. Sadly, this one will be more than a simple revision, but a ground-up restart of this project.

Given my busy schedule as of late, it remains to be seen when I will be able to put in some serious time into this project, I can only hope that it will not be another failed idea.

Here’s hoping…

Beta is Out!

A few days ago, I was finally able to release the second iteration of the Beta for my RPG (I really should get a title for it, shouldn’t I?). I have already started to receive feedback for a number of my Beta testers. There’s finally a strong feeling of progress, and I feel like this project finally has some traction. Here’s hoping it keeps up!

Remember: Keep your eyes open for your chance to get in on either the Beta, or even hang out with me and watch me work during an live Q&A session.