Special Class Spotlight: Dragoon

Today, I bring you a special Class Spotlight. This Spotlight is dedicated to one of my fans who was able to infer the existence of this class. So here ya go, the class you’ve been waiting for… THE DRAGOON!

Dragoon Spotlight

If the Spearman is a combination of support and risky gameplay, the Dragoon takes the risk to a whole new level. The Dragoon represents the mastery of the spear as a purely offensive weapon, and a complete disregard for caution or safety.

By choosing Dragoon as a Tier 3 class for a character, major Defense penalties are assessed, but with suitable Attack bonuses. Along with radical stat adjustments, the Dragoon also features the stereotypical Leap Attack. (Most well known from the Final Fantasy franchise)

The Leap attack, like in many other games, will remove the Dragoon from battle for one turn, the Dragoon then returns during the next turn with an attack. This attack will feature a low chance to hit and a wide variance (a range of percentages by which the damage formula can vary, with Variance=20 being standard). Like the Spearman’s Dire Pierce, Leap has the chance to be a devastating attack, but also the chance to end up falling flat.

This class is not meant for those who want to play it safe. This class is designed for those who want a challenge, who want to have their success hinge on one lucky hit. As such, there is the possibility of adding some items to make the Dragoon more accessible for more casual players, such as increasing Critical Hit chance, helping to offset the low Hit Rate for skills. (Perhaps a special line of ‘Safety Spears’?)

That ends this special look at the Dragoon.

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